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21+ Years of Educating
and Inspiring Audiences

Dr. Mike Brooks is on a mission to bridge divides, inspire unity, and empower minds. Are you ready to be the change?

Dr. Mike Brooks Keynote Speaker

Inspired Communities

Planning your next conference or event? Want your audience to connect not only with each other but also with the world? Look no further than Dr. Mike Brooks! With a focus on navigating the digital age and finding balance with technology, he sparks conversations that leave attendees inspired and empowered. 

Engagement Opportunities

Dr. Mike Brooks offers versatile speaking engagements tailored to your needs, whether in live/hybrid or virtual formats. With expertise spanning various topics, Dr. Brooks delivers keynotes that inspire and enlighten audiences. Additionally, he is available as a guest on podcasts to engage in thought-provoking discussions. For media interviews, Dr. Brooks is open to inquires and appearances on news outlets, providing expert commentary on relevant topics. Explore his program topics page for insights into the expertise he covers, or contact him directly to discuss custom topics tailored to your specific audience needs and interests.

His enthusiasm is contagious. He put tech into a perspective that was an enormous benefit—and relief. Dr. Brooks is a win-win in the subject of technology.

Susan Newman, Ph.D.

Susan Newman PHD Social Psychologist

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